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$20 per class



About the Course

All Leg sweeps

Self Defense

Stick Defense vs. Overhead

Stick Defense vs. Baseball bat

Stick Defense vs over head off angle

Knife Defenses

Defense vs. under hand

Defense vs. Overhead stab

Defense vs. Straight stab

Defense vs. Slashing

Defense against the neck

Defense vs. touching

Defense vs. Handgun

Gun to the front

Gun from Behind

Gun to the front- To the head

Gun from the side- front/ behind the arm

Gun from the side- to the head

Gun from Behind touching the head

Defense vs Shotgun/ Assault rifle/ Smg

Rifle to the front- Live side/ Dead side

Rifle to the side- front/ behind the arm

Rifle from behind touching

Defense vs. Hostage Situation


Hip throws

One arm shoulder throw

Full Nelson throw- forward throw/ sweep

Ground fighting with Weapons

Ground Fighting

X Choke

Short Choke

Clock Choke

North South Choke

Variations of arm bar

Variations of leg triangle

Crucifix Choke

Anaconda Choke


Variations of Gulliteion


BullDog Choke

Your Instructor

Nick Villa

Nick Villa

Head Trainer Nick Villa

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