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What is so special about Self Defense Systems?

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Why do you need SDS?

SDS unlike other martial arts, is NOT a martial art. We take the best techniques from a variety
of different “arts” and incorporate it into one. Unlike Krav Maga on its own, that advertises
doing the same thing, they really do not. Krav is its own defense system. Unfortunately, Krav on its own does not change frequently enough. SDS is constantly changing in response to
current situations i.e., active shooters which is currently in the news frequently. Additionally, SDS is based on geographic situations. For example, in Israel people are highly in, Krav because of their military requirement so the techniques have to be based on that. Here in the US, only 3 million people train martial arts, but many millions have knives or guns. Therefore, SDS must provide techniques that can defend based on the situation where you live.


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