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About Self Defense Systems

SDS stands for Self-Defense Systems.  This system is an incorporation of a variety of different martial arts techniques combined into one.  We use techniques from Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and incorporate significant weapon defense and offense training.  However, unlike these particular disciplines our curriculum is constantly changing in accordance with societal needs.  Although all martial arts are good, the best martial artists learn everything and then forget it all.  The reason is a practitioner must be able to have muscle memory and be able to react rather than think through a fight.  If you are ever involved in a scenario that requires you to defend yourself, you will likely be defending against multiple attackers at one time.  This will require you to practice in such scenarios.  Additionally, right now active shooters are a real concern.  Our system will teach you how to deal with these scenarios as well.  The biggest difference between our system and other systems in our fluidity.  In SDS, not only do you learn techniques that you perfect, but the techniques themselves will differ which means the techniques will constantly rotate, so in each level you learn new material.  SDS specifically changes its material in response to what is happening in society.

At SDS, because we bring in guest instructors that gives students the opportunity to learn different styles from different practitioners.  No two instructors teach the same way.  This gives you a chance to see how different techniques are applied based on the instructor’s expertise.


Unfortunately, in California, no matter what style of martial arts you learn if applied to aggressively can result in you in being criminally prosecuted.  At SDS, our owner is also an attorney.  You will learn how far you can take your training in real life without being prosecuted for criminal assault and battery.  No other school in this general locale can provide this service.  You must learn how far to take things based on the situation.  For example, if you learn Krav Maga which is highly aggressive and use it in a situation where it is not warranted, you will be arrested and prosecuted with the strong possibility of imprisonment.  The key is to learn self-defense while tailoring it to the situation at hand.  Only an attorney can provide this knowledge.  Our instructors are business professionals (including attorneys, physicians, business owners, law enforcement, and corporate officers).  So, in addition to learning self-defense, you will also be able to take advantage of our mentorship program.  For our younger students, you will be given access to mentors who have attended highly ranked colleges such as USC, UCLA, Stanford, Michigan, Loyola, and many more.  Our younger college bound students can use mentors to help them bolster their applications via recommendation letters, career guidance, and internships that will help your son/daughter when applying to schools.


We want our students to build confidence, and self-esteem.  We accomplish that by building you up both physically and mentally.  To be successful in life, you need to truly believe in yourself and have people that believe in you.  Low self-esteem, low confidence leads to poor decision making, and unfortunately keeps you surrounded by people with similar mindsets.  We have found that life is about opportunities, and we strive to give our students every opportunity possible via self-defense and mentorship.  Opportunities usually only come by once, take advantage of yours!  

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