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$20 per class



About the Course


Passive Neutral Stance

Passive Tactical Stance

Fighting Stance


Basic movement

Step Pivot


Straight Punch

Straight Punch Variations

Palm heel strike

Palm Heel Strike From Low To Low

Eye Strikes

Eye Gouge

Straight punch/ Heel palm with Advance

Straight punch/ Heel palm with Retreat

Low Straight Punch

Hammer fist Forward/Side/Down


Elbow Strikes

Elbow #1- Horizontal Forward

Elbow #2- Horizontal Side

Elbow #3- Horizontal Back

Elbow # 4- Vertical Straight Back

Elbow# 5- Vertical Back Up

Elbow# 6- Vertical forward And Up

Elbow# 7- Vertical Forward And Down

Front Kick

Front Kick To The Groin

Front Kick To Vertical Target

Round Kick

Knee Strikes

Round Knee

Hook Kicks

Ax Kicks

Question Mark Kick

Back kick

Flying Side Kick

Punch/ Kick Combinations

360 Defense VS. Outside Attack

Inside Defense VS. Straight punch

Inside Defense VS. Low Straight punch

Defense VS. Front Choke From The Front 2 Hand Pluck

Defense VS. Front Choke From The Front 1 Hand Pluck

Defense VS. Choke From The Side

Defense VS. Choke From Behind

Soft Break falls

Front Break Fall

Side Break Fall

Back Break Fall

Ground Fighting

Back Position

Movement From Back Position

Front Kick

Round Kick

Axe Kick

Side Kick

Pulling Guard/ Defense VS. Pulling Guard

Side Position/ Defense VS. Side Position

Taking the Back/ Defense VS. taking the back

Arm Bar/ Defense VS. Arm Bar

Leg/Arm Triangle

Leg/Arm Triangle defense

Americana/ Defense VS. Americana


Guillotine/ Defense VS. Guillotine

Scarf hold Position

Defense Vs. Pulls

Defense VS. From the front Or Side

Defense VS. Pull From Behind

Wrist Releases

Same Side Hand

Opposite Side Hand

One Wrist Held By Two Hands

Two Hands Held Down

Two hands Held High

Two Hands Held Behind The Back

Your Instructor

Nick Villa

Nick Villa

Head Instructor Nick Villa

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