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$20 per class



About the Course


Bobbing and weaving

Controlling bent over attacker

Hook punch

Uppercut punch

Overhand punch

All Head Butts

Mouth of hand

Ridge hand

Combinations: Punches & Elbows

Inward angle knee strike

Side kick with advance

Back kick with advance

Groin kick with advance

Inside Defenses with Counterattacks

Inside Defense + Counter vs. Left punch

Inside Defense + Counter vs. Left punch using left hand

Inside Defense + Counter vs. Right punch (1 counter/ 2counter)

Defense vs. Hook punch

Covering and Extended

Defense vs Uppercut & Overhand Punch

Covering and Extended

Defense vs Uppercut & Overhand punch



360 Defense with Counterattack

Kick Defenses


Outside Stabbing


Inside Defense

Defense vs. Low Round Kick (Stopping/ Absorbing)

Defense vs. Front Kick (Stop kick/ Redirecting with shin)

High Break falls


Front roll

Side roll

Back roll

Front roll into back break fall

Front roll into Back breakfall

Outside Defenses 1-4

Self Defense

Defense vs. Choke to the front/ Behind Against the wall

Defense vs. Choke from behind with a pull

Bear hugs

Defense vs. Bearhug from the front (Arms free/ arms Caught)

Defense vs. Bearhug to the front (Leverage on neck)

Defense vs. Bearhug from behind Arms free

Defense vs. Bearhug from behind arms caught

Defense vs. all Hair Grabs

Defense vs. Reverse headlock

Tie ups

Arms drags

Muay Thai Clinch

Defense vs Muay Thai Clinch

Defense vs. Knee Grab

Take downs

Double leg takedown

Single leg takedown

Knee taps

Snap downs

Ground fighting

Mount Top/ Bottom Position

Buck, trap, roll vs Mount

Defense vs. choke while mounted front/ behind

Escape from Full Mount

Bow & Arrow choke

Leg locks

Ankle locks

Knee bar

Lasso Guard

Sweeps on the ground

Fulcrum Choke

Ezekiel choke

Paper cut choke


Peruvian necktie

Spider Guard

Escape from Scarf hold

Defense vs. Choke on the ground

All Transition from ground

Your Instructor

Nick Villa

Nick Villa

Head Instructor Nick Villa

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