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How do I protect myself from sexual assault using Self Defense Systems?

Unfortunately, right now sexual assaults are at a high. We are seeing more crime, more

assaults than ever before. At the time of this blog, according to World Population Review in

2022, there have been 14,799 rapes in California alone. In Kentucky, there have been 1,542

rapes according to the same website. This is extremely disturbing especially since many rapes go unreported because the victim feels ashamed. Sexual assaults include more than rape however. They can in inappropriate or offensive touching as well. These are rarely reported. Additionally, they can happen anywhere. They happen at high schools, parties, colleges, and out on the street. Our techniques are focused on self-defense for real life situations. We will teach you have to defend yourself from an oncoming attack, a grab, pull, push, when someone is on top of you, pulling you from the side, or pulling your hair. There are a variety of arm locks, arm breaks, throat strikes, wrist breaks, defense from grabs, defense from hair pulls, on ground defenses, Russian take downs, and offense strikes that will allow you defend yourselves effectively. These techniques are aggressive and should not be taken lightly. They can inflict a huge amount of damage with every technique. We also combine these defensive techniques with offensive attacks that will maximize damage. Within a month you can learn all of these techniques. So, if you are going off to college this might be a great time to jump into our classes!


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